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  March 13th, Interns Recruitment of 2017 Hire Reach Internship Project   (2017-03-13)
  15th-16th, October the training of Women project is coming   (2016-10-14)
  26 September Projects Sharing conference   (2016-09-23)
  26 September Bakery Visit of Summer Camp Activities (2016-09-23)
 Fantastic Tea Workshop  
With great expectation, tea workshop was held on November 6. We not only learned tea manners but also learn how to make tea.
 Social Gender and Drama Workshops Held Successfully  
The second periodic activity of Empower Women with Disabilities Project was held successfully on October 15 to 16. It was a two-day activity and there were two topics includin¡­
 2016 Summer Project Sharing Conference  
The 2016 Sharing Meeting was successfully held at GETCH Multimedia Room on the afternoon of Monday, 26th September 2016.
We at GETCH Foundation believe that people with disabilities are as valuable for the society
as everybody else and deserve equal chances.
We empower them by connecting them to education resources and employment possibilities.
We provide means of personal & skill development, job referral; and we raise awareness in the society in general.
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